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Fructose Substrate
Fructose Substrate, 500 gram container ..
H2 Calibration Gas
H2 Calibration Gas (17 Liter, 100 ppm) ..
H2 Calibration Kit
H2 Calibration Kit, includes gas and regulator ..
H2 Check Breath Hydrogen Monitor
The H2 Check, breath hydrogen monitor is designed for the simple screening of lactose or other sugar..
H2 Mouthpiece Connector (pkg/10)
H2 Mouthpiece Connector (box of 10) ..
H2 Rebreathing Valve
H2 Rebreathing Valve (box of 10) ..
Inspiratory Pressure Valve
Inspiratory Pressure Valve for the MicroRPM ..
Lactose Substrate
Lactose Substrate, 25 gram packet (box of 10) ..
Lactulose Substrate
Lactulose Substrate, 10 gram packet (box of 10) ..
Micro 1 Spirometer
Full-featured pocket spirometer. Features include four test parameters with % predicted, diagnostic ..
MicroCheck 1-way Mouthpiece
Disposable 1-way mouthpiece (box of 200) “Brite White” coated 30 mm OD X 2.5” long Expiratory ..
MicroCheck 1-way, Plastic
Plastic 1-way mouthpiece (box of 200) ..
MicroCO Breath CO Monitor
The MicroCO breath carbon monoxide monitor is the essential tool for carbon monoxide monitoring, &nb..
MicroLab Spirometer
Desktop spirometer with integral printer and color touch screen. Features include 41 test parameters..
$2,295.00 $2,065.00
Microlife Digital PEF Meter
The MicroLife digital peak flow meter provides a digital display of PEF and FEV1 and can store up to..