Early Diagnosis of COPD Can Make a Huge Difference on February 16, 2014

Early Diagnosis of COPD Can Make a Huge Difference
Hundreds of thousands of Americans are diagnosed with COPD, but experts believe that the actual number of people affected with this disease is double the official figure reported. 
COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a serious lung disease that blocks the airway and can cause extensive damage to the organ. 
Most people that are over 40 years old are unaware of COPD but early detection can make a  long-term improvement on the health. The following symptoms are common among COPD patients:
  • Regular cough that often comes with phlegm
  • Simple chores that leaves you short and out of breath
  • Wheezing at night or when you overexert yourself with physical activities
  • Colds that lasts longer and doesn't seem to get treated easily 
Spirometry is a painless and short test, where your patients have to breathe into a machine that measures your lung capacity.  Early diagnosis of COPD can help improve the health of your patients and avoid complications.
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