Asthma link to fungi in lungs on February 25, 2013



Those who suffer from asthma may have a different mix of fungi in their lungs than those who do not, says a new study from researchers at the School of Medicine at Cardiff University in Wales.
For the study, lead researcher Hugo van Woerden and his team analyzed the fungi in mucus from participants with and without asthma. They found a total 136 different species of fungi living within the lungs of all participants. Ninety of those species were more common in asthma patients while 46 were more common in non-asthma participants.
"Our analysis found that there are large numbers of fungi present in healthy human lungs. The study also demonstrates that asthma patients have a large number of fungi in their lungs and that the species of fungi are quite different to those present in the lungs of healthy individuals," writes Woerden.
by RTT Staff Writer